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Monlys Trade is an online investment platform for the general and alternative finance and capital markets and professional Forex and CFDs traders. Investors earn up to 97% returns on their investments through a transparent and secured stock market. Monlys Trade – next generation Forex, CFD and investing – it's all here, trading with you at Monlys Trade. Here at Moonly, we believe that a business expansion requires a big step. We give you a platform to trade online with a worldwide network of financial leaders. We connect you with new ventures and make your investments safe, easy and lucrative. Monlys is redefining online investing. We are giving you an opportunity to become a shareholder in businesses that are changing the way people think about specific products and services. Our portfolio consists of stocks in industries that are growing, providing benefits to consumers, generating cash flow, and creating value for shareholders. We invite you to join us as we bring transparency to online investing.

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